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Save a TON of money, Increase Quality Scores, and Get More Conversions with Negative Keyword Lists.

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 "There’s no ceiling to your earning potential on Google AdWords, unless you’re wasting money on common mistakes."

Neil Patel- Are You Wasting Money on AdWords?

Only The Best Advertisers Use Negative Keywords.

Stop burning money on irrelevant clicks and rise above the pack with well researched lists of negative search terms. 

General All Account List

Look like a hero and stop getting scroogled with this list of negative keywords most any campaign can use.  Your budget & your paycheck will thank you later. 

Remove Price Shoppers

Price shoppers will eat your budget faster than you can say lunch.  Tell them to get lost with this list of price shopper stopping negative keywords.

Don't Pay For DIYers

"How to waste your budget"...  DIYers don't want to buy anything, they want to do it themselves while wasting your budge.  Stop DIYers for good with this list.

Stop Adult Search Terms

Why pay for someone looking to get off?  block adult terms from triggering your ads so you can score those sweet conversions with this list of adult terms.

They Just Want A Job...

Please, sir... I want a job.  Stop your broad & phrase match keywords from triggering when someone is searching for a new job with these job hunter blocking negatives.

I'm Just Researching

"Im just curious, I don't actually want to buy anything".  Researchers, like price shoppers, are just looking for free information. Don't be the sucker that gives it to them.

What Are Negative Keyword Lists?

Using well organized, researched, budget saving negative keyword lists is how Pro Advertisers prevent their ads from showing up on irrelevant search terms. 

But it's about more than that.  When you waste your budget on useless keywords, you lose OPPORTUNITY.  The opportunity to get that one conversion you needed to make a campaign profitable.  The opportunity to gain market share by taking another sale away from your competition.  The opportunity for growth.  

Over 98% percent of advertisers never add a single negative keyword to their account.  They just continue to pay for terms that will never convert into sales....

You read that right!  98% of advertisers are LAZY and easy to crush!  It's crazy, don't be one of the sheepeople... Be Awesome.  

Benefits of Negative Keywords

Increase Quality, Increase Conversions.

Stopping your ads from showing for low value terms will increase your quality scores,  Increased quality scores will decrease how much you have to pay to win the Ad Auction.  Decreased ad costs mean you can show up for more search terms with the same budget... And that means more conversions for you!

Seize The Opportunity

If your budget runs out because you didn't use negative keywords you will miss out on the opportunity to show your Ads to relevant searchers.  If you don't show your ads, your competitors will.  If you waste your budget you won't be able to seize the opportunity to increase your market share.  

Increase CTRs

You won't just save money and gain opportunity, you'll increase your click through rate.  This is how your quality score increases, and more importantly how you can pay less for a higher position than your competition. 

Top Advertisers Know Your Campaigns Suck.

In fact, most advertisers use the fact YOU are too lazy to research negative keywords to their advantage.  Don't be a statistic... Just get the list.

If you don’t understand attention ratio and message match, you are doing it wrong, and your ads are underperforming as a result.

Just like 98% of all AdWords marketers.

Oli Gardner


Keywords are important, but so are negative keywords.  Even Google advocates the usage of negative keywords to refine results.

Neil Patel

Negative keywords help you save money and can improve your PPC performance by easily increasing your click-through rates.

Johnathan Dane

Founder / CEO - KlientBoost

Optimize Your Ad Account Today!

Don't be a sucker.   Save a TON of money, gain more opportunity and increase your conversion rates with your negative keyword lists today!

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