Keywords form the basis of all kinds of online marketing. It has become an integral part of any campaign today and the entire marketing strategy today is created with the use of relevant keywords. From the blog content, PPC campaigns and social media strategy everything depends on how targeted and effective keywords you choose.

With Google’s announcement of blocking access to inactive users for its Keyword Planner tool, every marketer needs to have strong options ready. A tool that suggests ideas for picking keywords, the importance of one keyword over the other and how well it can work in particular geography is a must in such an event.  Read on to find out our favorite Google keyword planner alternatives.

Keyword Planner Alternatives



This tool has recently been declared as more accurate than any other tool which offers keyword difficulty score in head-to-head testing. It offers back-linking reports, a dashboard for organic traffic and a powerful tool for researching keywords. There’s a free trial for this tool, so signup and try things out before you purchase the paid version.



Moz offers a lot of datasets to choose the best keyword that can work for you. Its recent keyword explorer tool lets you do in-depth research for the perfect keywords. You can choose a particular location with many filters for searching. Filters, like choosing a particular question phrase or excluding a specific term, are helpful in getting more ideas for keywords. It shows you the query ideas with the keyword difficulty score and search volume.



This tool uses the search data from its extensive dataset which is gathered from 26 countries. The SEMRush keyword tool gives you keyword ideas, keyword difficulty score, estimated CPC, current domains ranking for the keyword and estimated search volume.

This one of a kind tool scrapes most of the search engines for suggesting keywords. It easily scrapes Google, Bing, Amazon, and YouTube. It gives you an option to choose keywords from all the supported engines registry, location, and language. You will have to buy a plan if you need estimated search volumes and with a free version, you will only get suggested keywords.



This is a desktop-based application that runs only on a Windows platform. It is considered as a black hat tool but experts believe it offers a lot of white hat benefits as well for keyword research. This application gives you thousands of keyword combinations that can possibly work for you if you feed a few keywords to it. You need to purchase this software just once which is the best news.


Keyword management is the most overlooked aspect while creating a paid campaign although every marketer knows its importance. Therefore, sufficient efforts need to be made while keyword research and keyword grouping. It is essential to have access to a tool that gives you keyword suggestions with its search volume for specific criteria.

A few other paid and free tools that work well are Wordstream, Bing, KWFinder, Keyword Discovery, and 7Search.


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