Negative Keyword Lists to
Stop Adult / XXX Rated Search Terms

People are pervs, don't pay to reach them... Unless that's what you are trying to do.

PPC campaigns to an outsider seem super fun and interesting.  And i'll give it to them, when done correctly they are.

However, the truth is: PPC is extremely complex and advertisers who construct the most efficient campaigns will win every time.

But that can get tedious.  Building a million SKAGs just from research can greatly limit your opportunities and going to broad can destroy your budget.  So what do you do?

You start by creating strong negative keyword lists that are saved in your shared library and can easily be applied to new and existing campaigns.

That way when you want to try and expand your reach with a few broad match keywords you can still avoid paying for the wrong clicks.

What do negative keywords do?

We use keywords to specify what words our PPC campaign search ads should display on.  Negative Keywords have the opposite effect.  They tell Google Ads what search terms or phrases you DON'T want an ad showing for.
So Negative Keywords STOP your ads from displaying on search terms that you have deemed irrelevant.
By using negative keywords we are able to include other keyword match types like broad match keywords in the account for exploratory reasons while making sure we don't pay for clicks coming from search terms with low intent.

How do I make a list of negative keywords?

As your campaigns collect data you will uncover negative keywords that are unable to be planned for.  However, that doesn't mean you can't protect yourself from search terms you know are bad by making a list of negative keywords.

You can start by doing negative keyword research to find obvious terms.  Next, you'll want to implement those keywords in your Google ads account.  We suggest using a saved list which can be found in your shared library.  This is the beginning of your negative keyword list.

In almost every case you will want to remove pornography and XXX rated search terms from causing your ads to be displayed.  You would be surprised... and maybe a little depressed to learn what people search for, and even worse off if you had to pay for it. 

Implement this list of Adult / XXX search terms stoping negative keywords today.

Download The Adult / XXX Term Blocking Negative Keyword List!

How To Use This Negative Keyword List

Here's how to get the list & use it in your account:

  • Make a copy of this google sheet.
  • Review the keywords on the sheet and remove any that might block high value terms your specific account scenario needs.
  • Create a new saved list in your Google Ads account under the Shared Library named "Adult / XXX Related Terms".
  • Save Your List & Add It To Your Campaigns.
  • That's It! 

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Don’t forget to grab a copy of the list here to help you optimize your PPC Campaigns.  If you need help with your PPC campaigns check out MassConvert, our preferred PPC Management Partner. 

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