Pay per click advertising is expensive for many businesses, but that's because it works.  Google AdWords & PPC advertising for dentists is no different, and if you don't start with the right negative keywords you are doomed to waste money and lose opportunity every day your campaigns run.

Dental PPC ads make a lot of practices wildly profitable.  However, other dental offices report the opposite.  Why is that?  Mostly it comes down to the optimization that takes place within the Google Ads and Bing ads platforms.  You have to optimize these accounts daily in order for them to work.

Note* - We highly recommend using a dental marketing company if you aren't an expert in this area.  Checkout MassConvert for more help.

What Key Terms Should Dentists Use for Google Ads?

We are going to list many keywords below that should be added to your dental PPC campaigns.  Please keep in mind, one of the most important negative keyword tips is to create is a list of all your competitors and those dentist's names.  Many people who already have a dentist do not save their numbers, because of that they google the dentist's name or practice name to find their number.  This results in many irrelevant clicks for accounts using broad match keywords.

Career / Job Related Terms to Remove:

Many people search for things related to learning how to be a dentist or a dental assistant.  Because of this, you will want to create a list of keywords to remove from all campaigns.  That way you never pay for a click that is related to employment.

  • "career"
  • "certification"
  • "curriculum vitae"
  • "CV"
  • "employer"
  • "employment"
  • "full time"
  • "hire"
  • "hiring"
  • "recruiting"
  • "job"
  • "looking for work"
  • "new hires"
  • "occupation"
  • "opportunities"
  • "opportunity"
  • "part time"
  • "pay"
  • "recruiter"
  • "recruitment"
  • "resume"
  • "salaries"
  • "salary"
  • "training"
  • recruiting
  • "intern"
  • "openings"
  • "postings"
  • "pay"

Education / Learning Negative Keywords

People learning to become a Dentist or work for a dental practice also do alot of searching.  Let's remove them as well.

  • "association"
  • "book"
  • "certification"
  • "class"
  • "clockwise"
  • "club"
  • "college"
  • "conference"
  • "convention"
  • "council"
  • "course"
  • "curriculum"
  • "education"
  • "exam"
  • "institute"
  • "learn"
  • "program"
  • "school"
  • "seminar"
  • "study notes"
  • "teacher"
  • "textbook"
  • "training"
  • "tutor"
  • "tutorial"
  • "universities"
  • "university"
  • "workshop"

DIY Negative Keywords

Nothing is worse than finding that you paid $7 for someone looking for "ways to whiten teeth at home" or "dental implant example".

  • "how can i"
  • "ways to"
  • "how to"
  • "what can"
  • "can you"
  • "how do you"
  • "diy"
  • "how do i"
  • "why does"
  • "what to do"
  • "easy ways"
  • "do it yourself"
  • "example"
  • "tips"
  • "craft"
  • "create"
  • "hand made"
  • "handmade"
  • "homemade"
  • "how does"

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