Negative Keyword List: Career & Job Seekers

You might be wondering… “Is it possible to exclude people looking for a job or information about a job from my Google Ads & other PPC campaigns?”.

The answer to that question is YES!  Start removing job seekers from your search queries by creating a shared negative keyword list with the keywords below & adding it to your campaigns.

This general list will work for most businesses, however as always make sure that the terms don’t block your money terms & always add new negatives to the list as the appear in your account.

Negative Keywords For Job Seekers

  • “career”
  • “certification”
  • “curriculum vitae”
  • “CV”
  • “employer”
  • “employment”
  • “full time”
  • “hire”
  • “hiring”
  • “recruiting”
  • “job”
  • “looking for work”
  • “new hires”
  • “occupation”
  • “opportunities”
  • “opportunity”
  • “part time”
  • “pay”
  • “recruiter”
  • “recruitment”
  • “resume”
  • “salaries”
  • “salary”
  • “training”
  • recruiting
  • “intern”
  • “openings”
  • “postings”
  • “pay”

Good Luck!

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