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How Negative Keywords Can Save You Money on Google Advertising

Google Ads is one of the best ways to grow most businesses. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand how to do it effectively. It’s not their fault – a lot goes into having a great google ad campaign which is why many businesses opt to hire a digital marketing agency to do it for them.

One of the most important and overlooked strategies is the utilization of Negative Keywords.

In fact, using negative keywords is one of the top ways that you can optimize your campaigns, produce qualified leads, as well as decrease the amount of money spent on ads.

What Are Negative Keywords?

Creating negative keywords is the process of excluding certain search terms from Google Ad campaigns allowing you to focus only on relevant keywords. This creates the ability to better target your ads, which plays a crucial part in providing the highest return on investment of a Google Ads campaign. However, most marketers and advertisers don’t use negative keywords at all.                 

Different campaigns use different types of negative keywords. For example, use broad match, exact match, or phrase match negative keywords in search campaigns. For display campaigns, you can use a series of negative keywords. In this case, the entire series of words will be excluded as an exact topic. 

Why Negative Keywords Are Important

The framework of Google Ads is auction-style. This allows people to showcase their ads to relevant people by bidding on keywords. With the right bid and a great campaign, your ad can appear in the search results. It’s a competitive and simple process, yet many people aren’t sure how to keep their ad from showing up for audiences who won’t be interested in it. 

Using negative keywords will actually communicate to Google which search queries are irrelevant for you. This communication allows Google to keep your ad off of search result pages when the specific terms or phrases are used in the query. 

By keeping your ad off of the result pages that aren’t relevant, businesses aren’t casting their lines where there are no fish. Instead, their ads are saved for relevant searches, essentially allowing them to fish in a full and hungry pond. 

Keeping your ads for search result pages of people who are looking for the solution you are selling, doesn’t only ensure that your ads are not falling on deaf ears.

In fact, it can also save you a ton of money.                       

Less Money Spent on Meaningless Clicks

When you use negative keywords, there will be fewer clicks from search terms that will not convert into leads for you. This is imperative from a financial aspect because every click you receive is a click you pay for. 

That is why when using Google Ads, it is essential that you are only appearing to a target market. In terms of clicks, your target market is the group of people that are going to be the most likely to become a customer, buying what you’re selling.

If your ads are appearing to people that aren’t going to be interested in your business, some of these people will click on it. The majority of those who click on it will leave without converting, yet you will stay have to pay for their click.

Basically, by using negative keywords, you will mostly be able to avoid having your ads appear for people who have no interest in your product, service, or business whatsoever, thereby saving you money on paying for irrelevant clicks.

It will also make you money by generating more qualified leads.

More Qualified Leads

A good ad will bring in qualified leads. Qualified leads are those who are looking for the solutions you offer. They are the people that are most likely to convert and become your customers. What you don’t want is unqualified leads clicking your links. This leads to you paying for clicks for leads that aren’t going to turn into customers.

By using negative keywords, you weed out those unqualified leads so you appear for those who are actually interested in your product or service. This is because, with negative keywords, you are able to eliminate impressions and clicks that are irrelevant, while mostly showing up for your intended audience. 

Adding negative keywords works as a filter, casting aside unqualified leads and attracting the right ones. By appearing almost exclusively for a qualified audience, you are bringing in clicks that are likely to end in conversion, giving you a high ROI.

Plus, you can increase landing page conversions with negative keywords!

Less Time Spent Optimizing Ads

Optimization is often thought of as a necessity, yet it can be difficult and time-consuming. When you use negative keywords, you free up time that you would have spent on optimizing your campaigns. 

This is because you won’t have to go through the usual troubleshooting that results from having a lot of ads clicked through with few conversions.

Using negative keywords greatly minimizes the number of ads that are clicked on without conversion. When your ads are appearing mainly for people interested in your business, those who click-through are more likely to convert. 

Use Negative Keyword Lists and Save Money

Google Ads has helped streamline advertising and is a useful platform for businesses. You simply need to learn the best ways to seamlessly use it in order to maximize your ROI and minimize unqualified leads clicking on your ads. Or you can hire a digital marketing agency for Google Advertising and let them do the heavy lifting for you.

Crafting negative keyword lists will help you to bring in qualified leads, generate conversions, and will save you money on paying for unfruitful clicks. It’s worth the time and effort you put into it to only pay for clicks that are likely to convert, instead of fishing in an empty pond.

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