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You’re being watched.

Sophisticated algorithms are keeping track of your online activities, trying to figure what you’re interested in. If you constantly browse video game websites, you’ll see ads for video games. If you frequent knitting websites, you’ll see ads for yarn and knitting needles.

Advertisers use platforms like google and bing to target users looking for products and services they offer.

What are Google Ads

Google Ads are shown in search results. You can start advertising on google via the Google Ads dashboard or with AdWords Express. They’re effective because the consumer has already demonstrated an interest in the product with their search.

When it comes to marketing campaigns, words have value. Every yarn maker wants their ad to pop up when people search for “best yarn.” Obviously, this is impossible.

Google auctions the ad space to the highest bidder. Your ad will rank higher if you bid more money. The quality of your link plays a role as well.  Because of this auction the words you choose to appear for, and the negative keywords you use will dictate your success.

Certain keywords will be more expensive. You’ll have to bid more for “best yarn” than “handcrafted yarn in Random Town, U.S.A.”

What is a PPC Campaign

A PPC, or pay-per-click campaign allows you to advertise your business and rank high on search results pages. You might think that having awesome content is enough to appear in the results.

While this is true in some sense, competition is fierce. Churning out content with meticulously chosen keywords will eventually get you noticed, but it’s not a quick process.

A smart PPC campaign speeds everything up.

Google Marketing Tips

The most important part of your Google campaign is your keywords. If you choose the wrong words, you’ll waste time and money. The term “cool clothing” won’t do much for your yarn business.

It’s too vague. The benefit of advertising with Google is the ability to curate who sees your ads. You want to attract potential customers.

In addition to choosing killer keywords, you also need to make sure you have a great landing page. If the customer clicks on your page and it’s unappealing or confusing, they’ll quickly leave your site.

Your landing page should grab people’s interest. It should be instantly clear what you offer and why they should stay on the page.


How To Use Data

Data is your best friend. Google will let you know how many people actually click on your ad. If your numbers are low, it’s time to investigate. There’s a good chance that you choose the wrong keywords.

Or it could be ad itself is confusing or there might be a problem with your product. If you’re getting lots of clicks but your sales aren’t improving, the problem lies with your landing page or your services.

If the data is telling you that something’s wrong, listen to it.


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