What Are Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords stop your search campaigns from bleeding your budget dry.

Negative keywords are the search terms you don't want to pay for.  They can be used for something as simple as stopping people searching for "dental schools" and "dental clinics", like stopping someone searching for Hacks" from seeing an ad intended for someone stopping someone who You use them in your PPC accounts to stop irrelevant impressions and clicks by telling the platform you don't your ads shown when particular terms are present.

This saves your budget from getting burnt and ensures your search campaigns are focused on high-value keywords that are relevant to your business and potential customers.

Negative keywords can save you money immediately by stopping low-value terms from costing you big. They can also increase your overall impression share and ROI by giving your Quality Scores a boost.

How do negative keywords work

It's crazy, over 70% of the accounts we see aren't using negative keywords correctly.

A key factor to an amazing Google search campaign is telling Google what you don't want to target.

Most every account will want to stop adult terms from showing up from any campaign. But what about less apparent budget eaters like:

  • how to
  • jobs
  • career
  • guide
  • how much

Negative keywords can help you remove customers that are too early in the decision making process or who are looking for similar terms that are not related to your business.

For instance, if you are a dentist who offers Invisalign but not traditional braces a term like "dentist that does braces" wouldn't be a high value term.

Another example, for a product that requires some education before purchase you might want to remove people that are early in the decision making process and target those consumers with content marketing.

You can add single negative keywords at the Ad group and campaign level. We suggest you use a negative keyword list so that applying negative keywords across multiple campaigns is possible.

Negative Keywords are how you stop your budget from bleeding you dry.

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