Advertising on Google is not as simple as it may seem. The Google Adwords tool is so complex that it takes one person to manage a single account to its maximum potential. But when you are a one-man show for the business and cannot afford to hire an agency to manage your Ad campaigns, Adwords Express comes to your rescue. Google opened this platform to its regular users in 2011 with the sole purpose of making advertising simpler and less time-consuming.

Google Ads Express Removes The Guesswork

Unlike Google Adwords, where you need to know hundreds of details to run a single campaign, the Adwords Express needs you to set just the basic information. It also offers a very simple user interface contrary to the over-whelming menus and options on the Google Adwords platform. If you are someone who is new to pay per click campaigns and cannot take out time for marketing then this platform is meant for you. It takes only 15 minutes to set up a campaign and have Ads live online. Just like Google Adwords, Adwords displays Ads on search networks, partner websites, mobile devices, and Google Maps.

The biggest advantage of Adwords Express is the automation and optimization it offers. Once you set an Ad, the Google robots continuously tweak the Ads and optimize them for maximum clicks based on user searches. Google automatically takes care of the Ad placements based on the business type. It offers a specific targeted audience based on the business.

Local Businesses Love AdWords Express

If you are a local business, then Google automatically showcases your Ads in the local area or Google Maps offering easier success rates. The Google Adwords however, asks you to fill in a tons of data and it can take more than a few days to get your first campaign right. You cannot overlook the fact that with Adwords you need to monitor and tweak the Ads yourself based on the results.

Adwords Express lets you choose which keywords to include and exclude for each campaign from the pool of keywords. This gives you some control on the campaign without the need to worry about results. It automatically checks the results and adjusts the campaigns to offer a better click through rate for the Ads.

Who should use AdWords Express?

  • If you are a small and local business with a shop or an online store, Adwords Express can give you the right kind of advertising and business.
  • An entrepreneur working alone or with a smaller team, who does not have manpower or money to spare on marketing can make the best use of Adwords Express. This is because it needs a very limited time and you will pay only for every click on the Ad.

Who should not use AdWords Express?

  • If you want to run PPC campaigns for maximum business then Adwords Express has its own limitations. Fewer inputs can seem lucrative, but to reap maximum benefits details are the key.
  • Placements is also a problem as you all Ads are automatically placed by Google. This leads to lower conversion rates.


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